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How to build your brand to gain an Executive or Board appointment

Storytelling is the key

You need your own unique and authentic Brand Story

My ambition for my clients is that they never need to apply for the roles they want. My observation of the typical application process is that it’s hugely wasteful of resources and destructive to motivation and self esteem.


I support my clients in a proactive approach, where we identify the roles and organisations that interest you, and then devise a strategy to make sure you’re known to the right people and valued for your skills and experience.

The focus of the work is on storytelling.


You need to tell a compelling story at every brand touchpoint, from your LinkedIn and CV to your introduction and career narratives. Your ability to tell your story is the game-changer.


When you have your story ready, you’ll never miss an opportunity to communicate your value, create the right impression and advance your career.

You need your own unique and authentic Brand Story

I have spent several years developing my proprietary Executive Cadence™ story methodology. It draws on proven principles from neuroscience, linguistics and psychology to give you a solid framework for a compelling story.

Most importantly, the method aligns your story with your career objective so it effectively supports your ambitions. Once you have your story prepared and practised, you’ll be able to use it in any career conversation with ease and grace.

Your Brand Story is the WHAT TO SAY element of the Say-Show-Seen™ model

Core Four WHAT.png

First the message, then the materials

Once your Brand Story is ready, we apply it to your:

• LinkedIn profile

• CV or resumé

• career narratives

• capability statement

• case studies

• introduction (pitch)

• network communications

• other social media

• third party websites

• personal website

+ any other touchpoints

Your materials are the HOW TO SAY IT element of the Say-Show-Seen™ model

Core Four HOW.png

Here’s the process of working with me to gain your desired role


We’ll have an initial strategic planning session to review your current career 1 objective and agree an overall strategy


We’ll develop your Brand Story to identify the key messages that support your career objective


We’ll apply your Brand Story to all the materials and brand touchpoints that have been identified


We’ll execute the strategy to get your messages and materials in front of the relevant decision-makers

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Get started now

To get started, book an initial chat wth me to see if we’re a good fit to work together on your Brand Story

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