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How to be

recognised as an outstanding leader

Communication is the key

To be seen as an outstanding leader, you need to proactively build awareness of your name and the visibility of your profile. Generally this is achieved through thought leadership, a blanket term for a set of specific activities. Your career objective determines the focus and scope of your thought leadership program.

So, for example, if you’re seeking an internal promotion, you need to influence those decision-makers. If you want to impact the people you lead, you need to focus on internal communications platforms. If you want to attract offers, you need to increase understanding of the value of your skills and experience. If you want speaking opportunities, or leadership roles in your industry or profession, you need high visibility.

Why thought leadership is so powerful

To share your thoughts and experiences with others requires confidence. Your belief in the value of your knowledge equates to your belief in yourself as a leader. That self-belief is exactly what decision-makers are looking for.

Publishing on professional forums or social media is a clear demonstration of this self-belief. Thought leadership is the most effective way to communicate your value and build your visibility with the *right people*.

It’s the HOW TO SHOW IT element of the Say-Show-Seen™ model

Here’s the process of working with me on your thought leadership strategy


We’ll have a strategy session to determine how the thought leadership program will advance your current career objective


We’ll have an in-depth planning session to decide your themes, topics, audience and platforms


We’ll review your brand touchpoints for consistency with your thought leadership strategy and messages


We’ll develop your Brand Story to get clear on the key messages that support your thought leadership


We’ll agree a publishing schedule and work out what resources are required to minimise the workload for you


You’ll commence producing and publishing your thought leadership, with appropriate assistance and support

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Get started now

To get started, book an initial chat wth me to see if we’re a good fit to work together on your thought leadership.

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