What does it mean to be visible and valued?

a.k.a. why do you need executive branding?

It means you're a Known Name.

You're known to the top executive recruiters and to the decision-makers at the companies you want to join.

It means you're findable.

You have a current presence online which showcases your credentials in compelling ways.

It means you're in demand.

You can accelerate – or even sidestep – the job application process

How your executive brand works for you

Whenever you need to talk about yourself, you must know WHAT TO SAY and HOW TO SAY IT

That means being clear on the VALUE you offer and knowing how to express this when you introduce yourself (both in person and on platforms like LinkedIn).

Next, you need to know HOW TO SHOW IT and HOW TO BE SEEN

That means showcasing your credentials through speaking and writing, and ensuring that you're getting in front of the Right People.

The Core Four Payoffs™

These four elements create the Core Four Payoffs™ that come from you investing in your executive brand.

My clients tell me that the benefits include:

  • fearless interviewing

  • relaxed networking

  • using LinkedIn effectively

  • attracting offers from employers

  • getting interest from recruiters 

What can I advise you on?

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