Hello, I'm Wendy Pavey

I'm the Founder and Principal of Executive Brand.

I advise senior executives and business leaders on
achieving their career goals with a visible and valuable
professional presence.

About my career

Iconic global brand experience

I've worked for iconic global consumer brands like Apple, Nokia, Gillette, Raid and Gatorade. These famous brands work constantly to keep their name relevant to – and remembered by –  their target market.

Executives and senior leaders need to do exactly the same, to ensure they achieve their career goals.


Marketing communications expertise

My skills are grounded in marketing imperatives: my focus is always on achieving your objective, and not activity for its own sake. 


Senior executive clientele

Throughout my career, I've worked with and for very senior leaders in a diverse array of enterprises. I understand the demands of an executive career and have tailored my services accordingly. My 1:1 programs provide a Done For You service that delivers excellent results with the least possible input from you, so you can focus on your day-to day role.

Clients and Client companies

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